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EOS North America introduces the “AM Turnkey” consulting program to facilitate the implementation of industrial 3D printing

EOS North America and its applied engineering division, Additive Minds, announced the launch of the AM Turnkey consulting program, which aims to remove the most common obstacles related to the implementation of industrial 3D printing in enterprises. After passing the program, the company will receive a “Proof of Production” guarantee for its industrial 3D printer.

This is how Dr. Gregory Hayes, Senior Vice President of Applied Technology at EOS North America, describes the new service: “AM Turnkey was created based on customer needs. The organizations we usually work with are market leaders, leading companies in various industry sectors and national research laboratories. These clients work on high-priority projects that cannot be delayed by engineering obstacles, 3D printing system installations or internal team training. We believe that the best results for our customers are achieved through close collaboration, and the AM Turnkey program is another way to demonstrate our commitment to making the additive manufacturing outcomes our customers want.”

EOS has built a special area for this purpose at its tech center in Pflugerville, Texas. The team provides real-time project management and supervision by Additive Minds engineers and service technicians. Pilot customers of the program have the option of hiring on-site staff to work directly with EOS in all phases of the project, from materials science to manufacturing and finishing.

The AM Turnkey program includes detailed project mapping tailored to customer deadlines and requirements, as well as 3D printer setup and a dedicated ITAR compliant machine bay in accordance with EOS. The company says the program also includes full customer access to the purchased 3D printing system for the duration of the project, including access to an on-site Additive Minds engineering team, customers also receive Proof of Production and training, based on customer preferences.

Source: www.eos.info
Photo: www.eos.info (press materials / all rights reserved)

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