Markforged 3D printing ecosystem: 3 reasons to improve your production processes

3D printing has revolutionized the industry, changing the approach of companies to production. Today, the question is not “whether to invest in 3D printing in the factory?”, but “what technology to choose?”. If you are looking for a reliable 3D printing technology, there is no room for the smallest mistakes in your business, and the efficiency of expensive machines or the continuity of production processes depends on the quality of 3D printed parts, then you should get to know Markforged.

Here are 3 reasons why…

3D print precision precision parts and protect your company’s information

At first glance, nothing special – after all, the main advantage of using 3D printers in industry is that with their help you can create parts that you lack. However, not all of them will prove themselves in intensive exploitation for the needs of industry. Three series of Markforged printers – for 3D printing of metal, industrial 3D printing of composites, and desktop 3D printing of composites are characterized by the possibility of long, continuous operation and a low failure rate. The devices are equipped with sensors to monitor the condition of the machine, so they can work unattended.

Customers report that 199 out of 200 prints are successful (99.5% success rate). All of them produce precise, repeatable and reliable parts even for such demanding industries as the defense or aviation industry. Thanks to the dedicated Eiger software, 3D printing can be managed from anywhere – during a delegation at the other end of Europe, or on the way to work, from the back seat of an Uber. Even though Eiger is so easy to use and browser-based, it has robust enterprise-level user authentication and management processes, and the entire brand platform – Digital Forge – is the only one in the world to obtain ISO/IEC:27001 certification for information security and certification ISO:9001 confirming effective quality management in the delivery of 3D printers.

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Use reliable 3D printing materials

The quality and durability of Markforged 3D printing materials can be demonstrated by an experiment on the flagship Onyx™ material, carried out by Sidus Space – a company dealing with satellite services for the aerospace and defense industries, focused on the production of critical equipment. Parts printed 3D from this most popular Markforged material were in space for several months, being exposed to cosmic radiation or gigantic temperature differences. After completing the experiment and testing the parts in the laboratory, they turned out to be intact.

Onyx™ is a durable material that ensures flawless 3D printing of parts. In addition, the Markforged offer includes materials that meet the specific needs of companies, including for 3D printing of rigid parts, resistant to high temperatures and smoke (ULTEM™ 9085) to flexible, such as Smooth TPU 95A, or. . Markforged printers can produce functional prototypes, durable spare parts, parts made of metals that are excellent conductors of electricity and heat (Copper) or parts designed to work in harsh conditions, high temperature and high corrosion resistance (Inconel 625). There are many more materials and printing possibilities, which is why every company will find the solution it is looking for.

Most importantly, Markforged has a patented and unique in the 3D printing industry process of continuous carbon fiber reinforcement of printed parts and their low-cost production. The Continuous Fiber Reinforcement (CFR) process allows the production of composite plastic parts with strength comparable to 6061 T6 aluminum. Composites can also be reinforced with Kevlar or fiberglass.

After meeting quality management and quality assurance standards, the Markforged 3D printing materials manufacturing facility in Billerica, USA, received the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001:2015 certificate issued by TUV Rheinland in North America. Regulated industries such as aviation require suppliers to follow the processes and controls reflected in ISO 9001:2015, and this certification allows Markforged to build even better quality applications.

Enjoy the fastest ROI in the market

The more you use your printer, the faster it will pay for itself – that’s obvious. However, Markforged engineers regularly introduce innovative solutions that make 3D printing cheaper. An example is the Simulation application, available from Eiger, which helps save both money and time for engineers. Simulation allows you to virtually test the strength of a part by suggesting where to add filament reinforcement to achieve the part’s intended strength before it is even printed. This avoids the embarrassing guesswork of whether a planned part will be strong enough to be installed in a production machine, and only uses as much material as is necessary to achieve the goal.

Markforged is industry-ready 3D printers and reliable printing materials that ensure you create reliable prototypes or final parts. You avoid costly factory downtime and can be sure that the parts you create are exactly what you need. You get the parts quickly – on demand, without wasting time on logistics

The Markforged 3D printing ecosystem is an investment that will bring many benefits to your company – savings, excellent quality, flexibility, security. Thanks to reliable 3D printers, high-quality printing materials and a quick return on investment, your production processes can become even more efficient.

Drop by 3D Phoenix for coffee and experience Markforged live. Show your app and get a free benchmark!


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