FormFutura – a  Dutch manufacturer of filaments never slows down and the name of the company speaks for itself. It suggests that the engineers of FormFutura strive for permanent development. A proof of that is the newest product in their portfolio. This time a popular material – cork is on the tapis.

Most of people associate it with bottles of wine, because 80% of the world’s production of this material is destined for the alcohol industry. However, it is also used in the automotive and aerospace industry, or even in the defence industry. It is possible that the wide spectrum of its applications inspired FormFutura to move in that direction.

It is is gravimetrically filled with approximately 30% cork fibres – thanks to it is ultra-light. EasyCork™ is based on our EasyFil™ PLA compound added with cork-fibres, binding agents and modifiers resulting in a beautiful cork filament which allows you to 3D print objects with cork-like aesthetics and cork-like properties such as being lightweight and impact resistant.


The manufacturer declares, that the material prints easily an quickly without any deformations. It is very adhesive, looks and moreover smells like a real cork! The natural cork fillers in EasyCork™ will give your printed object a “living” appearance with very subtle natural linings/shades which can be reinforced by playing around with extrusion temperature variations during your 3D print.

Filament EasyCork™ is available in  two different shades and diameters: 1,75 mm and 2,85 mm. A 500-gramm spool costs 33 EasyCork-poster

Maciek Stoczkiewicz
Graduate of physiotherapy. Student of bioengineering. In his free time he plays football and is trying to find his place on the Earth.

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