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Cost simulator of parts production on Nexa3D photopolymer 3D printers

Nexa3D – a manufacturer of industrial 3D printers, has launched an application to check the efficiency of the production of parts from light-cured resins for three models of its 3D printers: XiP, XiP Pro and NXE 400Pro. Using Cost Simulator, you can upload your 3D models to the selected 3D printer, choose the resin from which it would be made and receive a detailed report on production costs or time needed to produce them. The app is available to everyone here.

The “Cost Simulator” application allows users to precisely estimate the costs and time needed to complete a specific 3D printing project. Users can upload their .STL file, choose a specific 3D printer model from the Nexa3D (LSPc) product line and the material from which they want to print it. The app then calculates the estimated 3D printing time and material cost. For each simulation you can generate a report in a .PDF file (like here).

A particularly useful function is the ability to compare operating costs – the application offers a selection of 25 different materials offered by Nexa3D and compare them not only in terms of physical and chemical properties, but also in terms of price.

It is a useful tool for companies that want to thoroughly understand the costs and time associated with 3D printing before they decide to go ahead with the project. This would be especially useful for companies that do not yet use 3D printing technology in their work and want to compare the costs of using this manufacturing method with other additive methods. Or they use third-party devices and want to see if using the super-fast Nexa3D technology would make any difference or advantage for them?

The exclusive distributor of Nexa3D in Poland is 3D Phoenix. Ask what can improve your business: [email protected].

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