BCN3D – the Spanish manufacturer of solutions in the field of additive technologies, over the last few years has presented a number of various 3D printers, distinguished by a large 3D printing area. As part of the steps taken towards further development, the company decided to create its own software for slicing 3D models – BCN3D Stratos.

So far, users of the Spanish manufacturer’s 3D printers have used the Cura software, modified in accordance with the 3D printing profiles offered by the manufacturer. CURA is one of the most popular programs dedicated to FDM / FFF 3D printers in the world. It is developed and made available under an open-source license by the Dutch Ultimaker, which took over the program and the team that developed it nearly 9 years ago, at the very beginning of its activity. Although for some time CURA has been developed mainly for the manufacturer’s own products, it still makes the software available to other companies that can adapt it to their own needs.

BCN3D Stratos is completely free software, ideally suited for BCN3D Sigma and Epsilon 3D printers. This time, BCN3D also trusted Cura software – the whole thing is based on the Open Source Cura slicing engine, but thanks to an optimized interface and improved communication between the soft and the 3D printer.

Compared to the previous version, the manufacturer offers a refreshed interface and slicing system that allows user to achieve higher quality and efficiency of 3D printing. As they emphasize, the effort put into designing the new software is dedicated to users who use 3D printing in the production of functional elements.

BCN3D among the novelties lists:

  • optimization for 3D printing in the IDEX two-head system, giving the possibility of 3D printing from two printheads of different sizes
  • a new interface that will be appreciated by both beginners and advanced users
  • flexibility in importing and exporting files
  • e-Mirror and Duplication modes that make it easier than ever to take full advantage of IDEX technology
  • 3D printing profiles – import of profiles in the drag and drop system
  • two views of the model – orthogonal and perspective
  • a new option of filling the Gyroid model, used to increase the strength of the model while reducing weight,
    remote connection with a 3D printer.

The software is available for download from the BCN3D website, adapted to the Windows, MAC and LINUX operating systems.


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