Since 2019, 3D Systems shows a growing interest in the 3D bio-printing sector. That year, the 3D printing giant started a cooperation with Belgian biotechnology company Antleron. A few months later, 3D Systems entered into cooperation with the Israeli technology start-up, CollPlant. The aim of the cooperation was to create solutions that fit into the issues of advanced cell therapies, which in the future will allow optimization of solutions used in modern medicine.

The aforementioned cooperations, enabling the transfer of knowledge and information, lead to rapid development of the company’s activity in the area of bioprinting. Earlier this year, 3D Systems announced an ongoing regenerative medicine project as a result of cooperation with United Therapeutics Corporation (NASDAQ: UTHR) and its subsidiary Lung Biotechnology PBC. The main objective of this cooperation id to deal with the application of AM in the production and transplantation of cell scaffolds for organs.

Next step of 3D Systems towards bioprinting is acqusition of Allevi, one of the most popular 3D bioprinters manufacturers. The American company established in 2014 has a well-established position on the market and is recognizable. Moreover, Allevi has a large network of distributors on dynamically growing markets. Their solutions are applied in over 380 medical and pharmaceutical laboratories in 40 countries. As a supplier of complete 3D bioprinting solutions, the knowledge of the Allevi team will support further research and development, which will result in increasing the availability of their solutions.

The acquisition of Allevi is next step in realisation of 3D Systems strategy. The firm aims to develop in four key sectors, including biomedicine. At the same time, the giant informed about acquisition of Additive Works in order to develop its specialized software department. According to 3D Systems, the combination of knowledge and experience will allow extending the simulation capabilities in order to quickly optimize 3D printing processes, also on an industrial scale.

Since its foundation in 2015, Additive Works is focused on optimization based on simulation and automation of 3D models for 3D printing. The software gives an access to optimal print settings, such as part orientation and support structures, adjusting the process configuration for efficient thermal management and deformation compensation.

The President and CEO of 3D Systems, Dr. Jeffrey Graves, emphasizes that thanks to the investments made, the company’s portfolio of solutions will be expanded – including solutions in the field of regenerative medicine. At the same time, it will accelerate the pace of implementing additive technologies in the industrial sector. These investments will bring added value to the company’s customers, while causing the accelerated development of 3D Systems in the coming years.


Patrycja Dubert
Biomedical engineer interested in unconventional and innovative approach to medicine and its connection with modern technology.

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