Anycubic, a leading Chinese manufacturer of 3D printers, has announced the launch of a new 3D printer, the Kobra Plus. Along with the premiere of the new device, the manufacturer also presented two new types of PLA filament – Matt and Silky, in various color variants. Anycubic Kobra Plus is characterized by high speed of 3D printing and is aimed at more advanced users.

Kobra Plus has a working area of ​​30 x 30 x 35 cm and is equipped with an automatic print head leveling system – Anycubic LeviQ. The system examines 25 points on the print bed of the 3D printer to compensate for the unevenness of the table. 3D printing speed has increased to 80-100 mm / s, providing twice the speed compared to other models of this type of devices. Unfortunately, the Kobra Plus still uses a Bowden type extruder, so working with flexible or pliable materials will be problematic. The design of the 3D printer is equipped with a double Z axis for better stability.

The work table is equipped with carborundum glass. The device has a filament wear sensor that can detect its excess. In the case of interrupted 3D prints, it is possible to resume work thanks to the ongoing saving of the print head position.

Kobra Plus 3D printers will go on sale on June 15, 2022 in the official Anycubic store and on Amazon, eBay and AliExpress. The promotion price is $ 399 for the first 2,000 devices, and the nominal price is $ 499. Pre-sale is carried out in the official Anycubic store.

Source: Anycubic press materials

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