3D Slash is a really simple tool to create 3D models, available online or as a computer application. It has existed on the market for about one year, but now you can download its new version 2.0., with several interesting changes. Isit a soft for you and is it worth checking out?

Every beginner, who starts his adventure with 3D printing, sooner or later gets bored with ready models from the internet and wants to print somenting what he can create something on his own. If he has never have to reckon with software of this type, he can have a lot of frustrating problems at the beginning. 3D Slash is a perfect soft for this kind of users. Not only children, but also their grandparents should manage with it. For people, who picked up a smattering of creating of 3D models, this program can seem to be little-intuitive, but after some time, it can be quite useful.

It was established about one year ago and was very popular among both – professional and ordinary users, because of its ascetic interface and simplicity of operating. Version 2.0. causes, that creating of 3D models is easier that it was before. In the first version, you could have find an „Expert menu”, with settings designated for more advanced users, in current version, it was included in basic menu, and thanks to that, it’s easier to find it and use it, if needed. In this version you can mark according to the colour and the function of importing of .stl and obj. files was adjusted.


The process if creating models is similar to the process of sculpturing. You eliminate separate or groups of cubes from the initial solid until you receive a desired shape. After that, you change a scale or a size of your solid.


Besides standard options of creating of models (a screen above), you can add colours, different shapes or additional .stl files and than edit them. You can also add a texture from picture on your model. Another interesting and worth mentioning function is creating of inscriptions, like f.e. a logo. At the beginning you should coose an option of a new model in form of text or a file with a logo. In case of text, you just type, what you want, choose font, boldface or italic, and than you have a ready 3D inscription.

Is it a soft for everybody? -Yes, it is. Will everybody find in it, what is he looking for? – Rather no. The easiest way to find an answer, is just to test it. You can use this tutorial for a quick start:

  1. basic tools,
  2. design with curves and round shapes,
  3. design with dimensions,
  4. copy/paste, move, resize, rotate,
  5. 3D design with pictures,
  6. import and combine 3D designs.

Source: www.3dprint.com

Łukasz Długosz
Enthusiast of 3D printing, new technologies and computer games. Owner of a shop with filaments and 3D printers - filaments4U.com.

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