3D printers become cheaper and more available for an average user. When a price is low, a customer, who is not interested in this technology, may take a risk and buy a cheap machine. Unfortunately, cheap means very often "of poor quality". When someone got his fingers burnt on a "trash" of this king, he won't invest his money in something better. Additionally, he will tell to his friends, that he doesn't understand the phenomenon of 3D printing. You can find a new campaign on Kickstarter. It shows that 3D printing can be even cheaper... What is it and can it succeed?

101Hero costs 49$. It is less than in case of the cheapest 3D printers promoted on Kickstarter: OLO 3D oraz Peachy Printer (which is the best example of cock-up on the platform...).

The campaign of 101Hero has lasted for several days. Its creators pledged for 20 000$, which has been exceeded 5 times. What is the secret of this success? The manufacturer gave an extremely low price and advertises it like a perfect tool for children. The machine is rather unstable and I hesitate, if it is proper for children...

101Hero is available in two versions:  "customer version – CV" and "designer and developer version – DV". The second one is 5 $ more expensive.

The CV version:

  • it is light - 1.8 kg,
  • print area  – diameter of 150 mm, height of 100 mm,
  • it supports many different materials – ABS, PLA, nylon and more,
  • diameter of filament – 1,75 mm,
  • removable working platform,
  • 50-150 micron layer resolution,
  • 150 micron X and Y positioning accuracy,SD Card mode for an effortless, plug-and-play experience. You can download lab-tested gcode files from the producer's website.

The DV version:

  • all feature of 101Hero 3D printer Customer Version,
  • USB-compatible connection, it can can also be used with any Windows, Mac, or Linux based system,
  • Supports and uses open source software (for advanced users).

To make the campaign more reliable, its creators posted a video, which shows the machine working...


…and a 3D printed item.


I am rather sceptical with it and I would like to see a close-up of the model right after 3D printing... All of the presented models look (suspiciously) good.


Because of a limited budged, 3D printers are shipped 90% pre-assembled. When you got it, you just need to turn a few screws, then you could get a full functional 3D printer.


The cheapest and the most interesting kits were sold out like hot cakes, but for 74$ you can still purchase a 3D printers and 2 spools (30 g each of filament).

Source: www.kickstarter.com

Łukasz Długosz
Enthusiast of 3D printing, new technologies and computer games. Owner of a shop with filaments and 3D printers - filaments4U.com.

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    1. Hej,
      myślisz, że warto zaryzykować ją kupić do zastosowań czysto hobbystycznych?

      Kosz to: $79 + $50(przesyłka do Polski), czyli około $130, czyli nieco ponad 500zł.
      Gdyby nie koszt przesyłki to bym się nie zastanawiał, ale nie chciałbym wydać 500zł na drukarkę która się nie nadaje od użytku lub rozleci się po tygodniu.

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