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Zortrax speeds up the work of its 3D printers with Speed Mode

Zortrax introduces a free feature of accelerated 3D printing, providing up to three times faster work on its 3D printers. The function is available with the new firmware version for Zortrax M300 Dual and M Series Plus (200 and 300) 3D printers. Using the accelerated 3D printing option does not require any hardware modifications on the part of users. The manufacturer ensures that the installation process of the new functionality is simple and comes down to a few simple steps. Speed Mode is especially recommended for mass production in companies, providing greater design flexibility and reduced production time, which translates into increased part manufacturing capabilities.

To download the new function, go to the Zortrax Support Center website, download the installation file of the new firmware version available there and save it on a USB drive. Then, insert the disc into the Zortrax 3D printer and follow the instructions that appear on the display. After installing the new firmware version, the parameters of the accelerated printing mode are available in the “Print speed settings” section (Settings -> Draft settings -> Print speed settings). There are three key parameters: Print Speed, Acceleration and Hotend Temperature Offset. Acceleration determines how fast the extruder accelerates after changing the direction of 3D printing. Expedited printing may require the hotend temperature to be increased, so this can be adjusted in Hotend Temperature Offset.

“The strength of the new accelerated 3D printing mode lies primarily in the fact that it is free, freely available and does not require any additional hardware modifications. This is a particularly beneficial solution for all those companies and individual users who care most about short lead times and 3D print numerous parts, either in-house or through Zortrax 3D printing services. The process of installing the new firmware version is simple and convenient, thanks to which all users of our desktop 3D printers can easily speed up their machines.” – says Michał Siemaszko, Head of Research and Development at Zortrax S.A.

With Speed Mode, users can produce both simple and more complex designs in a more flexible way as the speed can be adjusted at any point in the printing process. This means that some parts of models can be 3D printed at standard speed to maintain high precision, while other parts can be produced much faster. Faster printing is also an increase in production capacity, and thus competitiveness on the market, due to shorter lead times.

Source: Zortrax press materials

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