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Zortrax implements metal 3D printing for the M300 Dual

Zortrax introduces a metal 3D printing option for the M300 Dual desktop 3D printer. This is the second device in the manufacturer’s offer – after Zortrax Endureal, which gains this function. The M300 Dual is compatible with a wide portfolio of materials, from basic and flexible filaments, through popular engineering materials such as polyamide, to highly specialized, carbon and glass reinforced polymers for advanced technical applications. Now the material palette has been enriched with two new sets: Zortrax Full Metal Package 316L and Zortrax Full Metal Package 17-4 PH. Both contain all the necessary components for metal 3D printing, including BASF Forward AM metal polymer filaments: BASF Ultrafuse 316L and BASF Ultrafuse 17-4.

The Zortrax Full Metal Package 316L and Zortrax Full Metal Package 17-4 PH kits also contain all other components necessary for successful 3D metal printing. In each package, users will find BASF Ultrafuse Support Layer – a dedicated support material, ensuring the desired geometry of the printed parts at the stage of 3D printing and post-processing, Magigoo Pro Metal adhesive – ensuring reliable adhesion during printing and easy removal of the printed part, additional hotend module for Zortrax M300 Dual, an adapter with a PTFE tube and a voucher for professional post-processing at Elnik (a trusted BASF partner in Germany), where 3D prints are subjected to the key processes of debinding and sintering to obtain the properties of steel.

“Zortrax M300 Dual is a truly universal machine that combines a large working area, single and double extrusion modes, an intuitive interface and a very wide range of ready-to-use, calibrated material profiles. Now this desktop 3D printer gains the ability to create steel parts with two comprehensive kits: Zortrax Full Metal Package 316L and Zortrax Full Metal Package 17-4 PH, which contain everything necessary to start printing with metal and provide fully functional metal parts, which exhibit the properties of steel.” – says Michał Siemaszko, Head of Research and Development at Zortrax S.A.

The introduction of a new metal 3D printing option for the M300 Dual is accompanied by improvements to the Z-SUITE BETA 3.2.0 software. The latest update makes the software even better suited to the needs of 3D printer users and the nature of two-stage post-processing, which turns printed parts into full-fledged steel. Key features in this area include a new type of Gyroid infill, a new way to 3D print support structures with the BASF Ultrafuse Support Layer, and the fact that the update introduces many new materials and improvements for all Zortrax 3D printers.

“The latest version of Z-SUITE BETA introduces improvements to printing using metallic powder filaments. The new Gyroid infill allows you to print metal models with 60% to 90% infill. Another change affects how support structures are printed with BASF’s Ultrafuse® Support Layer material. The supports here are divided into smaller blocks along all axes and narrowed downwards. All this makes supports placed in hard-to-reach places easier to remove, and their mark on the model is less visible.” – summarizes Ewa Piórkowska, R&D Software Project Manager at Zortrax S.A.

Source: Zortrax press materials

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