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Voxeldance introduces Tango 4.0 – a new version of the slicer for photopolymer 3D printers

Voxeldance – a Chinese company producing software for 3D printers printing from light-cured resins in SLA and DLP technology, announced the premiere of Tango 4.0. The June 19, 2023 release brings new features that improve user experience and print quality.

Tango 4.0 introduces a new rendering engine for faster and smoother model checking. The speed of importing large files has also been improved. Users can more easily edit and manually design support structures, and a new module called “Tree Support” minimizes material consumption and contact area with the model, which is ideal for organic shapes and delicate features.

Another innovation is adaptive cutting, which allows you to adjust layer heights and various print parameters depending on the resolution. The “Shrink Wrap” function generates protective structures around the part. In Tango 4.0, the Smart Support algorithm has been improved, enabling the creation of more effective support structures. In addition, users can synchronize their settings in the cloud environment.

Tango 4.0 is compatible with Windows and Mac OS and supports most brands of 3D printers. A free trial version of Tango 4.0 can be downloaded from the Voxeldance website.

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