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Volkmann will provide EOS with a dedicated and fully automatic metal powder management system

Volkmann GmbH – a manufacturer of machines for handling materials in the form of powders, announced cooperation with the largest manufacturer of 3D metal printers in the world – EOS. The company will deliver a line of self-contained, automated, closed-loop metal powder management systems integrated with EOS machines.

As part of the partnership, EOS Edition powder handling systems will be offered for EOS M 400 series 3D printers. Central metal powder management systems can be used to automatically control the transfer and loading of material from storage to 3D printers, capturing and screening excess powder for reprocessing and for automatic vacuum drying.

Buffer magazines and other accessories are also available. EOS Edition can operate unattended, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as a fully enclosed, sealed system that eliminates metallic dust from the workplace, protects workers from potential exposure, and protects materials from ambient moisture and contaminants.

In the modular concept, individual process stages are implemented by connecting several devices. These devices can also be operated individually, and if production is later expanded, they can be connected to a fully automated system with up to six connected 3D printers. The powder is transported between the devices through pipes and hoses using a vacuum transport system. Complete powder handling in a closed powder circuit includes the following steps:

  • quick extraction of metal powder from the installation chamber after printing
  • preparation of used powder by sieving
  • optional intermediate powder buffering in a container before and after processing and storage for automatic filling of 3D printer working chambers
  • automatic powder filling of the EOS M 400 or EOS M 300 systems
  • optionally, vacuum drying of the powder immediately before filling the 3D printer.

Source: www.volkmann.info
Photos: www.volkmann.info (press materials / all rights reserved)

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