Ultimaker – one of the largest manufacturers of desktop FDM / FFF 3D printers in the world, has announced the premiere of a new and the first proprietary device for post-processing – PVA Removal Station. Its task is to dissolve and rinse support structures from prints made of PVA. The device is expected to go on sale in the middle of next year.

Double-head 3D printers that use PVA (polyvinyl alcohol) as support material require additional post-processing to remove it. This can be achieved by dripping a 3D print in a container with water, but it is worth keeping it heated and ensuring circulation. Depending on the size and geometry of the parts and the density of the support structures, this process may take more than a day. The Ultimaker PVA removal station reduces this time by up to 75%. The manufacturer also ensures that the support material will be so well dissolved that additional manual removal of its remains from the printout will be kept to a minimum.

The capacity of the station is 13.5 liters. The device is equipped with automatic change of the water circulation direction and manually set rotor speed. It has a basket and a partition for inserting prints. The PVA saturation indicator shows whether the water needs to be replaced, and the transparent housing of the container allows you to quickly view the dissolution process.

Source: www.ultimaker.com
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