Fillamentum, a Czech manufacturer of 3D printing materials, presents its new NonOilen filament at Expo 2020 in Dubai. The blend of polylactic acid and polyhydroxybutyrate (PLA / PHB) developed in cooperation with the Slovak University of Technology is 100% biodegradable and can be recycled many times without losing its functional properties. According to Fillamentum, NonOilen is also the company’s first material to be made 100% from bio-renewable sources, in line with the company’s goals for the development of a circular economy.

Unlike conventional PLA, Fillamentum’s NonOilen filament is designed to be completely biodegradable in home composting plants in just 90 days. In addition to being microplastics-free, the material can also be recycled and reused for several consecutive printing jobs with minimal loss of properties. It breaks down about three times faster than PLA thanks to the PHB component of the fiber, which improves biodegradability and mechanical properties.

NonOilen is primarily characterized by high strength, hardness and hardness. It also offers temperature resistance up to 110 ° C and is said to be as easy to print as PLA. Thanks to the natural silk appearance, the material is food safe and even dishwasher safe.

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