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The Virtual Foundry introduces H13 tool steel for 3D printing in FDM technology to its offer

Inspired by MIM technology (metal injection molding), the 3D metal printing process based on the FDM / FFF method is gradually being expanded with new types of materials. The most common application of this manufacturing technique is tooling. Metal extrusion is a process that is well suited to creating small parts that do not require very high precision and accuracy. The American company The Virtual Foundry - a pioneer in the field of 3D printing filaments based on metal alloys, has launched its latest product - H13 Tool Steel Filamet. Tougher than 17-4 PH stainless steel, this alloy is ideal for high temperature environments and has high abrasion resistance.

Filled with 88.6% metal with a density of 3.56 g/cm3, the new filament is aimed at engineers and designers who want to quickly produce complex tool parts at lower cost, such as tool holders, dies and punches, or create mold inserts, extrusion and forging dies. Once printed, the parts are turned into pure metal using standard sintering furnaces, also available through The Virtual Foundry. H13 Tool Steel Filamet costs from €126.95 per 0.5 kg spool to €236.95 per kg.

The use of metal 3D printing with H13 filament is also interesting in the production of molds. Proper cooling can account for up to 95% of their full cycle time. The freedom of shape allowed by additive manufacturing allows for the integration of complex internal cooling channels (rather than simple cooling lines as with conventional techniques) that closely follow the profile of the molding surface, thereby increasing the cooling rate of the mold. The cycle time is therefore significantly reduced, which can allow more parts to be molded at the same time.

Parts printed with this type of filament must undergo additional processing in a tube furnace. The goal is to remove the binder and join the metal particles together. For users who would like to purchase this equipment instead of using the services of a supplier, The Virtual Foundry offers ovens from €2,900 to €7,900.

H13 Tool Steel Filamet enriches the catalog with 13 metal filaments (aluminum, bronze, inconel) developed by The Virtual Foundry. One of the latest products introduced to the market by the American manufacturer is a tungsten-based filament. Its high metal content, from 92 to 95%, supplemented with PLA, as well as its very high density (7.8 g/cm3) make it a very interesting material for the nuclear and medical sectors for the production of ionizing radiation protection systems.

Source: www.thevirtualfoundry.com

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