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The impact of advanced post-processing methods on reducing the time of additive production

The key barrier in the adaptation of additive manufacturing in mass production of final elements is production time. While 3D printing allows for the fastest production of single details or low production series of tens – hundreds – thousands of pieces (depending on the size of the part), entering the volumes offered by injection molding is either very difficult or impossible. Additionally, it is often the case that increasing the production speed is associated with a decrease in the surface quality of the manufactured elements. Automated post-processing technology from DyeMansion, used by Technology Applied – the largest Polish company providing 3D printing services in SLS and MJF technologies, can change this.

DyeMansion offers advanced post-processing solutions that automate and optimize the process of finishing 3D prints. These methods, including surface smoothing, dyeing and UV curing, enable the quick and efficient processing of large batches of prints. Thanks to this, it is possible to significantly reduce the time needed for final processing, which is crucial in the production of final parts, where the order fulfillment time has a direct impact on customer satisfaction.

The introduction of DyeMansion technology into the processes at Technology Applied had a direct impact on reducing production time. Post-processing automation allows for simultaneous processing of many parts, which eliminates the need for manual work and reduces the risk of human errors. Additionally, the use of precisely controlled dyeing and smoothing processes means parts can be finished faster while maintaining high quality. In addition to reducing production time, automated post-processing allows you to achieve a more uniform and aesthetic finish, which is especially important in industries requiring high visual quality. The efficiency of the DyeMansion process translates into increased throughput and the ability to respond faster to market needs.

For Technology Applied, the use of DyeMansion technology means not only shortening production time, but also increasing the competitiveness and attractiveness of the offer. Faster production processes allow the company to complete more orders in less time, which is crucial in maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction and conquering new markets.

Photo: www.ta.parts

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