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The 10 largest companies in the metal 3D printing industry

Last week, VoxelMatters – the publisher of one of the most important portals in the additive industry and a company dealing with 3D printing market analyses, published a report devoted to the additive manufacturing sector from metal alloys. Today, the company presented a list of the 10 largest companies in the world engaged in 3D metal printing in terms of the revenues they generate. This is what the top ten look like…

According to VoxelMatters, the largest company on the market is German EOS, which generates approximately USD 150 million from this area of activity (the company also produces SLS 3D printers printing from powdered plastics). These revenues include all types of revenues – sales of machines, materials and 3D printing services. The second and third places are taken by the Japanese-German Nikon SLM Solutions and the American 3D Systems. Importantly, all three companies are developing 3D printing technology using laser heads that selectively bond powdered metals.

Fourth on the list is Desktop Metal, which develops the Binder Jetting method, i.e. selective bonding of metal powders with a binder and baking ready-made 3D prints in ovens. The company has its own 3D printers in this segment, as well as those developed by ExOne, which was acquired by Desktop Metal in 2021. Fifth place is taken by GE Additive – a special purpose company belonging to the GE concern, which develops laser technology (originally created by the company acquired in 2016 by Concept Laser), electron beam technology – EBM (originally created by Arcam, acquired in the same year) and Binder Jetting. The latter method is not yet commercialized, but is expected to debut on the market soon.

Sixth place is taken by China’s Bright Laser Technologies (BLT) – the largest manufacturer of 3D metal printers in Asia. Seventh is the American startup – Velo3D, which is the only one that generates revenues from the sale of the machines themselves. The group is closed by DMG Mori and TRUMPF – leading producers of CNC milling machines in the world, which for several years have also been developing lines of 3D printers for metal (DMG Mori in the area of both proprietary hybrid machines and laser printers, based on the acquired Realizer company) and the Chinese HBD.

Among other important companies mentioned in the list, Voxel Matters points to the British Reenishaw, the French AddUp (created as a joint venture by the Michelin concern) and the Chinese Eplus3D and Farsoon Technologies.

Anyone interested in a deeper insight into the metal 3D printing market can do so by purchasing the VoxelMatters report.

Source: www.voxelmatters.com

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