In recent days, Stratasys does not leave the headlines of articles published in the 3D printing industry media. A few days ago, the company announced the premiere of two new 3D printers from the F123 series, and yesterday participation in one of the biggest events in the 3D printing industry in recent years, i.e. the merger of MakerBot with Ultimaker. Now it is back with another novelty – the introduction of as many as 16 new production materials applicable in three different 3D printing technologies – including, for the first time in its history, materials from other companies.

Stratasys is expanding its 3D printing materials ecosystem to meet the growing demand for additive manufacturing solutions. The novelties include Stratasys-approved materials for FDM 3D printers, open research materials for the Origin One 3D printer based on P3 technology, and polypropylene powder for the H350 3D printer, working in SAF technology.

The US-Israeli manufacturer has partnered with Covestro, Kimya and Victrex to make Stratasys approved materials available for FDM printers, starting with the Fortus 450mc machine. These materials have been approved by Stratasys with basic reliability tests to accelerate the development of material options available in the market. The new FDM materials include:

  • high performance polymers: Arkema / Kimya PEKK-SC, semicrystalline thermoplastic polymer PEKK based on KEPSTAN by Arkema and VICTREX AM 200, semi-crystalline
  • LMPAEK thermoplastic filament, compatible with water-soluble material
  • reinforced polymers: Covestro PA6 / 66 GF20 FR – fireproof composite material with glass fiber
  • engineering polymers: Kimya PC FR – fireproof polycarbonate material
  • HIPS high-impact polystyrene.

The above materials will be delivered to customers before the end of this year.

Stratasys has also introduced a new material at the most efficient level of Stratasys Preferred – FDM Nylon-CF10 is a strong carbon fiber composite material expected to be available in mid-2022.

Stratasys also continues to expand the photopolymer materials for the Origin One 3D printer. The company introduced eight new materials that enable the creation of high-end end applications. Producers of these materials include Covestro, Evonik, Arkema, Forward AM from BASF, Mechnano, Tethon 3D, Liqcreate and polySpectra, among others. Materials include molding, casting, high temperature, ceramic, electrostatic dissipating (ESD) and flexible photopolymer resins. Materials can be purchased directly from material partners or their distributors and are intended for advanced users to test, develop and use parts with exotic or novel properties.

Finally, Stratasys announced the introduction of Powdered Polypropylene (PP) for the H350 3D printer using SAF technology. Polypropylene is a versatile, flexible and extremely popular polymer. Its higher plasticity and chemical resistance, as well as the ability to sterilize, make it suitable for a wide variety of applications such as automotive interior and exterior parts, prosthetics and consumer goods.

Along with PA12 (also known as Nylon 12), which Stratasys introduced in September 2021, polypropylene will extend the H350 printer supplies kit from the original Stratasys High Yield PA11, a sustainable material made from 100% bio-sourced castor beans. PA12 is currently the most popular material in industrial 3D printing, ensuring geometric accuracy, chemical resistance and stiffness of machine elements, applications in the communication and prototyping industry. Both PA12 and PP are expected to be available later in 2022.

All new content is available for purchase through Stratasys channels and reseller partners.

Source: press materials

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