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Sciaky presents a new 3D printing system based on electron beam welding of rods

The American company Sciaky, which produces large-format 3D printers for metal using an electron beam, announced the launch of a new EBAM-53 system, dedicated to laboratory and research facilities. Although Sciaky is famous for its huge additive manufacturing machines for the aerospace industry, it has developed a new 3D printer for completely different users who want additive manufacturing on a much smaller scale. Ultimately, the company hopes that by making a smaller machine available, its customers and users will ultimately decide to use the larger version.

Sciaky designed the EBAM-53 to take up less space and be cheaper to purchase and operate, while also featuring the same electron beam additive manufacturing equipment as larger-scale EBAM systems. The 3D printer uses the same electron beam generator, sensors, computers and process control software as larger Sciaky systems and is compatible with IRISS process control software.

The machine is equipped with a 635 mm3 build capacity, which Sciaky says will enable printing test applications, small demonstrators and part prototypes for geometric trials. Additionally, it offers rotary and tilt positioners as additional equipment options.

“This has been Sciaky’s goal for years,” commented Sciaky President Scott Phillips. “We have been asked many times to offer a system suitable for the research environment. Now we can respond to this part of the industry’s demand. With EBAM-53, users can conduct significant research and development that can easily transfer to larger production scale systems in the future.”

The first EBAM-53 3D printer will be shipped to the first customer’s premises before the end of this year, and then from January 2024 the machine will be offered for open sale.

Source: www.sciaky.com

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