Bio-based PA – this is the name of the first high-performance biomaterial for 3D printing to be presented at Formnext 2022. A renewable-based biopolymer is the result of research into the development of “future supermaterials” led by Roboze, an Italian manufacturer of industrial 3D printers for high-temperature materials. Bio-based PA was made of a biomatrix reinforced with natural fibers of natural origin and is intended to be an alternative to traditional plastics based on fossil fuels (so-called “forever plastics“).

Roboze has developed a technology that equates additive production with conventional methods, fulfilling its first goal of enabling a new production model based on the distribution of micro-factories worldwide. The model has economic, social and environmental benefits given the transport constraints of local on-demand production.

Created by Roboze Bio-based PA, it offers excellent performance in terms of low hygroscopicity, excellent retention of mechanical properties after water absorption and excellent dimensional stability. In addition, the printed parts have a perfect glossy black surface. With the same specifications and performance, but with 60% lower CO2 emissions than petroleum-based carbon fiber reinforced PA, the new PA will allow manufacturing companies to move closer to their sustainability goals.

The production of components from Bio-based PA, such as tools and fixtures, can be carried out in a cold chamber and with lower extrusion temperatures. The material is fully recyclable as both the reinforcement and the polymer are natural and biological.

The company will be presenting its solutions at Formnext 2022, in hall 11, stand C21.

Photo: (press materials / all rights reserved)

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