Quantica – a Berlin start-up creating multi-material 3D printers in binder jetting technology, has launched a new machine – NovoJet C-7. The 3D printer is dedicated to research, feasibility studies and production of custom applications on a small scale. It will be made available to research institutes and industrial partners who want to develop high-performance, multi-material 3D printing and other functional applications.

Last November at Formnext, Quantica unveiled the T1 Pro, an R&D system that showcased the company’s ultra-high-viscosity multi-material spraying capabilities, known as NovoJet. This year, Quantica returned to the fair in Frankfurt, this time presenting a new system – NovoJet C-7.

The NovoJet C-7 is an open platform for 3D printing, ideal for developing 2D and 3D applications using very high viscosity jet technology. It was created for research institutes, R&D laboratories and organizations that want to develop new materials and additive manufacturing processes. In addition to feasibility testing and application development, the 3D printer can also be used for custom and low-volume production, enabling a seamless transition from lab to production.

Key features of the NovoJet C-7 include:
  • Materials experimentation: The system uses printheads capable of handling a wide range of fluids with viscosities in excess of 380 mPa·s at jet temperature, equivalent to approximately 4,000 mPa·s at ambient temperature. Along with experiments with liquids with a high particle load.
  • New material combinations: The system has the ability to control up to 7 material channels, giving users access to new material combinations with improved mechanical properties, color fidelity and aesthetics.
  • Easy customization: The system offers customizable integrations for R&D.

The strength of Quantica’s NovoJet printhead technology lies in its ability to 3D print with materials that are 15 times more viscous than older types of inkjet printheads. This opens up new opportunities to deliver high-quality end products with properties such as high strength, temperature resistance, conductivity, biocompatibility and flexibility, produced in a single process.

A number of industry partners, mainly in the dental, medical and electronics industries, have already started working with Quantica to develop targeted solutions based on novel capabilities.

Source: www.businesswire.com
Photo: www.businesswire.com

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