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Nikon SLM Solution announces the sale of its 900th metal 3D printer

Nikon SLM Solutions – a German company belonging to the Japanese concern, producing industrial 3D printers for metal, announced the sale of the nine hundredth machine in history. The 900th anniversary installation took place at Safran, which purchased the NXG XII 600 model.

Safran will use a large-format, 12-laser metal 3D printer at its Safran Additive Manufacturing Campus (SAMC). The company says the machine will be “essential” for the series production of qualified parts tailored to current and future aircraft engines.

Safran describes the purchase as a strategic investment and intends to first produce “a complex aluminum part developed to integrate a next-generation aircraft engine demonstrator”, which will be based on the production capabilities of the NXG XII 600. The company will use AlSi7Mg0.6 aluminum alloy for production – F357 and is working with Nikon SLM Solutions to develop a protocol to ensure the machine meets and adheres to the manufacturer’s specifications for aircraft equipment. The companies believe they have the potential to set new standards for the aerospace industry.

“The first NXG XII 600 model is a key asset in Safran’s drive to decarbonize aviation, underlining our ambition to contribute to achieving carbon neutrality by 2035.” – commented François-Xavier-Foubert, CEO of the SAMC campus. “This delivery is not just a transaction, but a testament to our shared vision for the future of additive manufacturing,” added Sam O’Leary, CEO of Nikon SLM Solutions. “With the NXG XII 600, we are enabling Safran to realize record production capacity, paving the way for innovative advancements in aerospace.”

Safran is another of several manufacturers to have invested in the NXG XII 600 since its launch in November 2020, and other customers include: GKN Aerospace, Divergent Technologies, MAN Energy Solutions and Sintavia.

Source: www.slm-solutions.com

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