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Nexa3D XiP – a super-fast industrial-grade 3D printer at the price of a desktop device

Nexa3D has established its market position thanks to super-fast, photopolymer 3D printers that combine high speed of work, unavailable for other devices of this type, with exceptional accuracy of manufactured parts. The only drawback of Nexa3D solutions was the price of the devices – for a long time they were available only in industrial variants, which made them inaccessible to most smaller companies or e.g. prosthetic laboratories, where the return on investment was very long. This changed at the beginning of last year, when the American manufacturer presented the Nexa3D XiP model – a desktop version of its large, flagship 3D printers, which combines the vast majority of their technological features – including speed and precision of work, with a relatively low price for a device of this class.

The Nexa3D XiP has a fairly large build area of 195 x 115 x 210 mm for desktop 3D printers and a 9.3″ diagonal industrial-grade 4K monochrome LCD display for incredibly clear and precise print details. According to the manufacturer, it offers 6 times faster than SLA (laser) 3D printers and more than 10 times faster than FDM / FFF 3D printers. XiP is based on the industrial LSPc Nexa3D (Lubricant Sublayer Photocuring) technology, which was originally developed for the Nexa NXE 400Pro industrial 3D printer. The technology combines an industrial light-emitting screen with a patented resin vat/membrane that allows for ultra-fast 3D printing and the creation of extremely complex geometries without the need for excessive, hard-to-remove supports.

Writing about exceptional speed, we are not dealing with another marketing cliche, but real data – Nexa3D XiP is able to print large models at a speed of up to 18 cm per hour. As an LCD screen is used to expose individual layers, in the case of smaller models with the same geometry, it does not matter whether you print one or a dozen or several dozen pieces – the production time remains the same for all variants.

The lower price of the device does not translate into the quality of its performance. The Nexa3D XiP is equipped with a solid aluminum housing, complete with rigid parallel linear rails and a precision Z-axis platform with a ball screw that moves the build platform. The resin is housed in a large 4.8 liter vat with the proprietary Everlast-2 membrane by Nexa3D. The 9.3-inch 4K LCD display with a pixel size of 52 µm provides incredibly fine detail and reproduction of the printed parts. The precise drive system of the working platform allows you to create layers with a height of 0.05 mm.

Nexa3D offers an open consumables platform that enables the XiP 3D printer to work with a wide range of resins, produced by a wide network of consumables suppliers including Henkel, BASF and Keystone. Regardless, Nexa3D makes its own resins for a variety of applications, including standard resins for rapid prototyping, modeling and splint resins for dentistry, biocompatible resins for medical applications, and even high modulus, durable, or elastomeric resins for specialized industrial applications.

Depending on the purchased package, the user receives resin, post-processing stations (Wash+Cure – i.e. for bathing 3D prints in order to clean them and for additional UV exposure), post-processing solvent, tools and a flash drive. The 3D printer is equipped with a WiFi module that allows remote work.

Particularly noteworthy is the second set for laboratories and dental laboratories, which ensures very fast and efficient work, unavailable for other devices in this class. The set includes a dedicated resin for working with anatomical models, however, you can buy a number of others, with a more profiled and specialized application.

The exclusive distributor of Nexa3D in Poland is 3D Phoenix. Ask what can change in your business: [email protected].

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