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Nexa3D takes over Essentium and adds 3D printing using FFF technology to its portfolio

Nexa3D announced the signing of a letter of intent to acquire the American company Essentium, specializing in the production of 3D printers using thermoplastic extrusion technology (FFF). The transaction is expected to close before the end of the year but is subject to customary U.S. shareholder and regulatory approvals.

Essentium gained an important position on the 3D printing market first by developing and supplying specialized thermoplastic materials (filaments) for FDM / FFF technology, and later by creating a proprietary series of High Speed Extrusion (HSE) 3D printers. The first machine in the portfolio was the HSE 180 3D printer, followed by subsequent models – HSE 280i HT and HSE 240 HT equipped with a two-print head system. Additionally, the company has introduced new, high-performance filament species in the form of PEKK and PPS-CF.

Essentium 3D printers and filaments are used, among others, by the arms industry, drone manufacturers, as well as manufacturers of orthoses and prostheses. The company also cooperates directly with the United States Air Force. Nexa3D began its operations as a company specializing in the production of super-fast, industrial 3D printers for light-curing resins, and over time expanded its portfolio to include powder technologies through the acquisition of NXT Factory and the SLS 3D printing department from XYZ Printing .

Nexa3D’s acquisition of Essentium will allow the company to enter the market for the production of filament parts. Moreover, the incremental methods developed so far independently by both companies will now complement each other, creating excellent technological synergy. Nexa3D believes it can benefit from Essentium’s deep expertise in thermoplastic materials, while Essentium sees an opportunity to leverage Nexa3D’s 120-strong network of sales and distributors to increase sales of its products, as well as benefit from its deep research and development resources – both in terms of hardware and software. It is also worth noting that Nexa3D has not yet entered the defense industry or established direct cooperation with the US Department of Defense, so Essentium opens the door for it to this attractive market.

The companies say they are committed to ensuring a smooth transition and maintaining uninterrupted service to current and potential customers after the acquisition is completed. So far, Nexa3D has acquired the aforementioned NXT Factory, the software company AddiFab and the portfolio of SLS 3D printers from XYZPrinting. Thanks to the pending acquisition transaction, Nexa3D stands in line with the largest 3D printer manufacturers in the world, offering a virtually comprehensive spectrum of additive methods available on the market.

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