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Markforged introduces the PX100, a new industrial metal binder jetting 3D printer

Markforged has introduced a new, industrial 3D metal printer – PX100, which was created in cooperation with the Digital Metal company acquired last year. According to the manufacturer, the Markforged PX100 is a breakthrough machine in the field of Binder Jetting technology in the field of applications manufactured from metals. Thanks to the highest level of precision and reliability, the system enables serial production of a very wide range of applications – from industrial components to medical parts and consumer goods.

The PX100 is equipped with 70,400 print nozzles, operating with 2 pl droplets at 15.5 kHz. The working area is 250 mm x 217 mm x 186 mm. For precision and accuracy, linear motors and air bearings are used instead of belt drives and screws. All moving parts are accurate to 1µm for excellent stability and repeatability. The applicator precisely applies even layers of binder, and the resolution is 8000 x 1600 DPI. The result is reliable, detailed parts, every time.

According to Markforged, these features of the new 3D printer allow for serial production of components with the most complex geometric structures, intricate internal details and even integrated parts. The specificity of Binder Jetting technology means that no support structures are required, which increases part design freedom and increases productivity. The remaining material, not bonded during the production process, is almost 100% reusable.

Source: www.markforged.com

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