MakerBot today introduced a new solution that greatly simplifies 3D printing with ABS on its flagship 3D printer models – MakerBot METHOD X and METHOD X Carbon Fiber. New materials – MakerBot RapidRinse and ABS-R are suitable for printing a wide range of industrial applications – from production tools to end parts. Sales will start in December 2021.

RapidRinse is a new and patent pending, fast dissolving support material designed to eliminate cumbersome and costly post-processing. RapidRinse dissolves easily in ordinary (warm) tap water and does not require the use of chemicals common to some soluble support materials. MakerBot claims to dissolve much faster than other materials of this type.

ABS is one of the most desirable and at the same time very difficult materials for 3D printing on desktop devices due to its tendency to shrink, warp, curl or crack. ABS-R is a new ABS formula that provides excellent printing reliability and performance. The material is optimized to work with the new RapidRinse auxiliary material, quickly dissolving.

The heated working chamber in which METHOD X 3D printers are equipped is equipped with the patented VECT ™ technology (Variable Environmental Controlled Temperature). Printing with the new ABS and RapidRinse support allows the creation of dimensionally accurate parts with a thickness of ± 0.2 mm.

Source: MakerBot press materials

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