When I was skimming over a webpage MójRepRap, I found a project of a longboard of Tomasz Baranowicz. For some time Tomek has focused on 3D printing and projects. One of his newest ideas was a project of radio remoted loangboard printed with a 3D printer. He is a passionate of snowboarding but this year it  has been problematic to do it because of the weather, that’s why Tomek created a longboard with additional drive.

Longboard is a longer version of a classic skateboard and it is 68-130 cm long. Thanks to its construction, it’s possible to go faster than with a standard skateboard. It’s used to downhill, slalom or moving through acclivities.

An inspiration to create his own model was constricutions created by another enthousiasts of 3D printing and typical commercial models like: Boosted, E-Glide, Evolve. The project was done on his odn, but its final version is an effect of combination of previous prototypes. Eventually, Longboard Boosted Board  served as a model. The elements of the longboard were printed in FDM technology on 3D printer GATE 1.0., which Tomek assembled on his own.  deska 4

It has been tested only on short distances and in small speed. Although it should have been an alternative to snowboarding, the biggest obstacle by using it was one more time the weather. Tomek is planning to carry out the next tests.

The plan was to buy a ready DECKa, trucks and wheels – elements which were responsible for comfort and safety of riding, so actually a complete board without a drive. A drive of the board became two brushless engines (BLDC), revolutions (ESC)  and kit to remote cars (transistor-receiver RC 2.4GHz). Power suplies are groups of accumulators  LiPo.

deska 3

Elemnts designed and printed with3D printer:

  • clamping of burshless engines (PLA),
  • pulleys of back wheels (PLA),
  • casing of ESC and RC receiver (PLA),
  • casing(s) of accumulators (ABS).


  • speed: 30 km/h,
  • modular power supply to 4 moduls, one modul LiPo 5Ah/6S (24V),
  • reach of 20-25 km (max. 40-50 km by using of 4 moduls).


Instead of it, one of the Tomek’s projects, ealised a few months ago, with using of a 3D printer, was a project of a multicopter „Viper. The main assumption was to create a closed, module frame, printed with a 3D printer.


Paulina Winczewska
German philologist and translator, fanatic of the strangest and the most difficult foreign languages and culinary experiments, who is not afraid of new technologies and gadgets. Enthusiast of swimming.

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