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3D printing in SLS and MJF technology in the food industry

In recent years, 3D printing technologies such as selective laser sintering (SLS) and MultiJet Fusion (MJF) have revolutionized many industries, including the food industry. These innovative 3D printing methods offer unparalleled flexibility in design and production, enabling the creation of complex shapes and structures that would be impossible to produce using traditional methods.

Selective laser sintering (SLS) and multi-material 3D printing (MJF) involve creating objects by depositing layers of powder material, which is then sintered or hardened using a laser or other heat sources. In the food industry, these technologies are used in the production of complex machine parts, packaging, and even direct food contact items. The key aspect of using 3D printing in the food industry is advanced post-processing, which ensures the safety and hygiene of products.

The technology of the German company DyeMansion is a breakthrough here – thanks to the use of advanced chemical techniques, DyeMansion allows closing the porosity of printed parts, which is crucial in the food industry. This process prevents the accumulation of dirt and bacteria, which is essential in maintaining high hygiene standards.

Technology Applied – the largest company providing 3D printing services in Poland, uses DyeMansion solutions, thanks to which it can offer 3D printed products that are not only durable and precise, but also hygienic and safe for food contact. The use of SLS and MJF technologies combined with DyeMansion post-processing opens the door to the future of food production. 3D printing enables rapid prototyping and small-scale production, which is ideal for an industry where speed of adaptation to changing trends and consumer needs is crucial. Additionally, the ability to create custom tools and parts that are both aesthetically pleasing and hygienic provides a competitive advantage.

Photo: www.ta.parts

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