KUKA Systems and Ai Build have established technological cooperation, resulting in the development of a new 3D printing system – AMCell_. The first 3D printer in the new product series is AMCell_small – the machine is aimed at the academic sector, schools, universities and company training centers, thanks to which students can learn the basics of automated 3D printing from polymers. The 3D printer is based on the KUKA KR AGILUS 10 R900 robot, Ai Build – AiSync software for additive manufacturing, a dedicated print head and peripherals.

Proper operation of automated, technological applications is of paramount importance in today’s production environment. Product assembly is undergoing a revolution and additive manufacturing is a key driver of this trend as it becomes the preferred mass production method. Digitally automated workflows are replacing large-scale mass production techniques.

3D printing is already seen as a standard manufacturing technique in various industry sectors such as automotive, aerospace, marine and energy/energy generation. It is a cost-effective and fast alternative to conventional production methods. As demand for additive manufacturing as a process has increased, Ai Build has focused on developing AiSync software, which enables the rapid, precise and repeatable delivery of high-performance toolpaths using KUKA industrial robots. The development program, which included machine learning and artificial intelligence, enables AiSync customers to achieve an overall increase in build performance of 90% and a 65% reduction in crashes.

Ai Build has been working with KUKA UK for seven years. Since then, the brand has been an integral member of the systemic partnership program, sharing best practices and transferring knowledge. It therefore made sense to leverage the mutual strengths of both brands when developing the AMCell_ series.

AMCell_small will take 3D printing in academia to another level, which usually uses computer-aided design (CAD) information to 3D print products with a 3D printer. AMCell_ enables projects on a much larger scale, realizing synergies between creativity and technology, accelerating prototypes and developing flexible and scalable processes for industry.

The fully integrated AMCell_ suite is designed to give students the opportunity to start producing their own products and prototypes while institutions save on tooling, maintenance and development. AMCell_ maximizes degrees of freedom in plastic additive manufacturing using a pre-configured robot and AiSync software.

ŹSource: www.kuka.com

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