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Impossible Objects Announces 3D Printer to Be 15 Times Faster Than All Existing 3D Printing Technologies

Impossible Objects announced the premiere of a new composite 3D printer – CBAM 25, which will take place next month at the RAPID +TCT fair in Chicago. The company advertises its device as “printing fifteen times faster than the fastest competition” and using it as a tool for mass production of composite parts, created in 3D printing technology. The new 3D printer is expected to be commercially available in early 2024 and will use advanced materials with high mechanical properties and tolerances.

Impossible Objects 3D printers use a rather specific 3D printing method using ink jetting. First, sheets of carbon or glass fiber are fed into the 3D printer. Subsequent layers of the 3D model are printed on sheets using the technology of spraying a transparent binder. Then, a high-performance polymer powder is applied to the sheet adhering to the adhesive layer. Excess powder is removed, leaving it in the shape of a bitmap. The process is repeated for all layers.

The sheets are stacked, then heated to the melting point of the polymer and pressed to fix the part to a predetermined height. In a mechanical or chemical process, the unbonded fragments of the sheets are removed, exposing the final part.

The high-performance composite materials to be used in the CBAM 25 will enable engineers to design stronger, lighter and more durable parts. Particularly noteworthy is the use of Carbon Fiber PEEK material, which is characterized by high chemical and thermal resistance and mechanical properties that exceed most engineering plastics. Parts made of Carbon Fiber PEEK are an alternative to aluminum, from which tools, spare and repair parts and final elements are made. Impossible Objects currently manufactures and sells parts in markets such as power tools, aerospace, defense and transportation. 3D printers are also intended to replace CNC machining, offering greater geometric freedom.

Steve Hoover, CEO of Impossible Objects, highlights the importance of production speed in the new CBAM 25 – “with a fifteen-times speed improvement over existing 3D printers, the CBAM 25 allows 3D printing to move from prototyping to mainstream production. It’s hard to actually imagine what fifteen times faster speed means. By comparison, it’s the difference in speed between the fastest man running a mile and a Formula 1 car on a straight line. The same difference exists between our new CBAM 25 and previous technologies. We believe that this is a huge step forward not only for our company, but also for the entire industry, as it brings 3D printing to mass production.”

Source: Impossible Objects press materials

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