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How does Technology Applied use the large-format SLA 3D printer – DWS Systems XPR S in providing 3D printing services?

Technology Applied – the largest Polish company providing 3D printing services, has been specializing in selective laser sintering (SLS) technology for years. At the same time, the company uses a number of other popular additive techniques, including stereolithography (SLA) using a large-format machine from the Italian DWS Systems – XPR S. The 3D printer significantly expands the range of production possibilities, being complementary to SLS, FDM / FFF or PolyJet technologies.

DWS Systems XPR S is an advanced SLA 3D printing system that allows you to create complex parts with extreme precision. What distinguishes this machine from others on the market is its impressive working area of 30 x 30 x 30 cm – a lot in the context of this manufacturing method. For Technology Applied, which has established itself in the SLS sector, using SLA technology means the ability to complete more diverse orders, including those requiring perfectly smooth wall surfaces.

The use of SLA in DWS Systems XPR S allows the use of resins to create large-sized objects – this extended working scale is a significant advantage for Technology Applied, enabling the implementation of larger projects that were previously difficult to perform using stereolithography. Thanks to this, the company is able to fulfill more complex and demanding customer orders, which increases their competitiveness on the market.

The use of SLA in DWS Systems XPR S also introduces a new level of quality and precision in production. This technology allows the creation of parts with extremely smooth surfaces and complex details, which is crucial in many applications, from prototyping to final production. DWS Systems XPR S significantly expands their offer in the field of 3D printing. Thanks to a larger working area and higher quality of prints, the company strengthens its position as a leading provider of 3D printing services in Poland.

Photo: www.ta.parts

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