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History of PolyJet technology

One of the most innovative methods in the 3D printing industry, PolyJet technology has its roots in the groundbreaking scientific and engineering work that led to its development. The history of PolyJet begins in 1998, when Objet was founded by Arkady Kukhan and Avi Cohen in Israel. Their goal was to create a 3D printing technology that would combine high quality prints with flexibility in the selection of materials.

PolyJet has gained recognition for its unique 3D printing method of spraying microscopic photopolymer droplets that are instantly hardened with UV light. This technique allowed for exceptional precision and detail, making PolyJet an ideal technology for applications where high-quality surface finishes and complex detailing are required.

A key moment in PolyJet’s history was Objet’s merger with Stratasys in 2012. This joining of forces has ushered in a new era in 3D printing, combining the experience and resources of both companies to further develop the technology. Stratasys, already one of the leaders in the 3D printing industry, significantly contributed to promoting and improving PolyJet technology.

Since 2011, Stratasys continued to develop the technology, introducing the Connex series of printers, which became a breakthrough in multi-material and multi-color 3D printing. Connex printers allowed the simultaneous use of different materials in one print, which opened the door to the creation of highly complex and realistic prototypes, tools and models.

Stratasys’ development of PolyJet technology has been characterized by a continuous pursuit of improvements in both material and functional capabilities. The introduction of new materials, such as transparent, flexible and biocompatible resins, has further expanded the application possibilities of PolyJet.

Nowadays, PolyJet technology is considered one of the most advanced and versatile methods in the 3D printing industry. Its ability to precisely print multi-material and multi-color makes it irreplaceable in many industries, from prototyping to final production. Technology Applied – the largest Polish company providing 3D printing services, despite having, among others, SLA 3D printers, offers the possibility of ordering 3D prints also in this method.

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