IKEA has been flirting with 3D printing in the field of various experimental projects for a long time. In 2016, in the French and Belgian branches of IKEA, pilot programs were introduced for customers who could repair or remake their old furniture using 3D printers. In 2017, the collection of OMEDELBAR accessories made in this SLS technology appeared, and in 2019 it presented a new series of 3D-printed products dedicated to UPPKOPPLA players. Now, under the leadership of Olaf Szukałowicz, the company has introduced FLAMTRÄD – the first commercial line of on-demand printed decorative items. The collection is currently limited to stores in Germany.

Decorative elements are 3D printed using the SLS method and possibly massively finished and colored using DyeMansion technology. The products are only available upon request and only via the IKEA Germany website. The collection, part of the Deko Accessories line, includes several 3D printed designs under the FLAMTRÄD brand, including two different head and hand sculptures. Both are available in black or white.

Each product is described as taking “3D technology to a new level and guaranteed to be eye-catching.” Prices are competitive enough to take on-demand printed decorative items to a new level of market availability. Item prices start at 29.99 € , ending at 49.99 € .

Source: www.3dprintingmedia.network
Photo: www.ikea.com

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