Desktop Metal qualified commercially pure copper with a purity> 99.95% for additive production on a 3D Production System printer, working in the Single Pass Jetting (SPJ) technology. Users of the American manufacturer’s machinery can now use SPJ technology to produce high-performance copper parts on a large scale in a wide variety of industries, including automotive, aerospace and electronics.

Due to its thermal and electrical conductivity, pure copper is the ideal material for applications that require heat or electricity transfer, such as collectors, heat sinks, heat exchangers and busbars for energy-intensive electrical applications. Copper is the third most used industrial metal in the world.

Desktop Metal’s materials science team has qualified and fully characterized commercially pure copper (C10300). Users of the company’s 3D printers can now print copper parts with significant geometric complexity, rather than brazing conventionally manufactured components together, reducing time and cost. Thanks to the geometric freedom provided by the SPS method, engineers can also work on new, high-performance designs that are not possible using conventional manufacturing methods.

Photo: press release (all rights reserved)

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