Since HP announced its entrance into the 3D printing industry (what is a little bit controversial…), other print and imaging leaders have looked for their own way into the market, as well. Company Canon has begun selling 3D printers, and representatives of Epson claimed, that they’re hoping to develop the ability to 3D print anything. Kodak cooperates with Carbon on creating of 3D printing materials. However, Fujifilm decided to jump into 3D printing industry, in quite different form. zdecydowała się jednak na całkiem odmienne wejście do branży.No, they won’t make 3D printesr or even materials for 3D printing (at least not yet). Fujifilm is going to be offering technical support services.

Fujifilm decided to extend their offer from popular 2D platforms into the third dimension, assuming that their customers will need a technical support, connected with 3D printing technology. These services run the gamut from installing a new machine to maintaining it and even training employees in the use of 3D printers.

The company states on their website:

Our technicians have significant experience in and knowledge of the mechanics and methods used to control diverse printing processes, including expertise in x, y, and z axis controlled devices, such as 3D printers. And, our in-depth understanding of the importance of printing in many organizations enables us to provide best practices coaching and training for printer operators across a wide range of industries.

The main aim of Fujifilm is to help its customers, to use all of the functions of their 3D printers.  They are going to do so through their already extensive network of locations in North America. Fujifilm Service already has two strategically placed parts distribution centers, three depot repair facilities across the US, four help desks, and 500 field service technicians.  The company has a  list of what they can offer potential clients:

  • initial setup and testing,
  • operator training and education,
  • telephone technical support,
  • on-site repair service,
  • product exchange/swap service,
  • depot repair service,
  • routine calibration and quality checks,
  • regularly scheduled preventive maintenance,
  • replacement parts.

Aaccording to Fujifilm, these services can be applied to plenty of different aspects connected with the 3D printing technology, including CAD and 3D modeling software, computer maintenance, electro-mechanical systems, electronics repair, and more. And they say that they’ll tackle every type of printer out there, including inexpensive 3D printers used in the classroom or home up to the advanced additive manufacturing systems associated with industry.

This conception sounds original and differs from offers of another companies, which decided to debut in 3D printing industry. We are looking forward for the first effects.


Paulina Winczewska
German philologist and translator, fanatic of the strangest and the most difficult foreign languages and culinary experiments, who is not afraid of new technologies and gadgets. Enthusiast of swimming.

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