Printelize planned to close Printelize Marketplace, which was one of two the most recognizable labels of the company. According to the company policy, Marketplace should have been a platform type B2C.

The decision of the company seems to be right, when we consider the justification, which it sent to its customers. The company wants to invest in platform Printelize Professional.

Printelize sent an official declaration to the customers:

“We want to inform, that from the 1st of April, we won’t support a service Printelize Marketplace, with aim to close it down.  The decision was hard, nonetheless, the first months after introduction oi Printelize Professional showed, that it’s more profitable for us and your customers. That’s why we want to develop Printelize Professional. For all of the suppliers of 3D printing registered in Printelize Marketplace, who don’t use Printelize Professional, we want to offer a discount of 50% for the first 6 months.”

We have to remember, that a fight for an individual customer, for whom Marketplace was dedicated, was very expensive and time consuming, and focusing on proffesional actions and B2B market, which can be more profitable, what we wish them.

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