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Formlabs Form 3+ is now 40% cheaper

From September 4, 2023, the price of the Formlabs Form 3+ photopolymer 3D printer has been reduced by as much as 40%. The current catalog price in CadXpert – an authorized distributor of Formlabs, is PLN 11,900 net (previously the nominal price was PLN 19,900 net). What is the reason for reducing the price of the Form 3+ 3D printer? Formlabs’ mission has always been to enable every 3D printing user to use advanced technologies. The price correction we are currently seeing on the flagship product is the best proof of this.

The 3D printer market has been changing dynamically in recent years, which Formlabs has been observing with particular attention, adapting its offer. The confusion related to the C19 pandemic is now happily behind us, which is why, among other things, supply chains and transport costs have been stabilized. This resulted in a number of business elements allowing Formlabs to reduce the price of the device while maintaining the highest quality of the product.

Why is it worth considering purchasing a Formlabs Form 3+ 3D printer?

The Form 3+ photopolymer 3D printer is the flagship product of Formlabs. Every year, the manufacturer introduces new products and updates that constantly develop this product line. New resins, software upgrades, or machines supporting the 3D printer – all constantly compatible and supporting work with the 3D printer. A good example is the recent premiere of the Form Auto extension, which allows you to create your own production line with uninterrupted operation using Formlabs 3D printers. This confirms the position of the Form 3 series as the central point in the manufacturer’s offer.

Professional 3D printer at a lower price

The new price of the Form 3+ 3D printer, combined with its capabilities and application, makes it the best time to purchase this device. The Formlabs product has been tested by thousands of users over recent years. Over 20 specialized resins dedicated to this machine and manufacturer support make it one of the most comprehensive 3D printing solutions available on the market. Very easy operation, high precision and smooth finish of the models are the distinguishing features of the Form 3+ 3D printer. Combined with advanced software, this positions Formlabs printers as the leading devices in the desktop segment. All this from September 4, 2023 at a 40% reduced price – PLN 11,900.00 net at CadXpert.pl.

The distributor of Formlabs in Poland is CadXpert.pl. Do you need an individual offer? Contact: [email protected].

Source: www.cadxpert.pl

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