FlashForge USA – the American branch of the Chinese manufacturer of desktop 3D printers, has started accepting pre-orders for a new device with a potentially wide range of applications in the production of dental applications. Unlike many photopolymer 3D printers on the market, the Hunter S has an open material base which means it is able to use third-party materials. FlashForge USA has already validated 3D Systems’ NextDent resins by creating its own profile for FDA approved and biocompatible resins for future users of their 3D printer.

The Hunter S is equipped with a Texas Instruments projector, which is to guarantee a high degree of reliability and quality of 3D printing. The system has a service life of 50,000 hours and its linear motion guide actuator provides constant LED intensity, thus enabling greater stability in 3D printing and the production of parts with fine details.

In terms of capacity, the Hunter S has a work area of ​​144 x 81 x 150 mm and a durable, easy-to-remove worktable that can be removed without the need for calibration. The resin container is designed to facilitate quick refilling and the FEP film is cheap and easy to replace, making both processes quick and cheap.

FlashForge USA advertises the Hunter S as a precision 3D printer with speed, accuracy and low operating costs that “make it the perfect choice for prosthesis manufacturers, dental laboratories and clinical users.” The company is trying to focus on the capabilities unlocked by the material compatibility of its system with third-party materials by producing a series of demonstrators from third-party resins.

FlashForge USA already claims to have “thoroughly” tested 3D Systems resins on its 3D printer. Consequently, Hunter S users can safely deploy 3D Systems’ NextDent range of products, which includes everything from 3D printing materials for rails and retainers to polymers for frames and supports, knowing FlashForge USA has tested their effectiveness.

As for third-party resins, the company used Hunter S to 3D print Denton’s materials. Using Denton’s Splint / Guide resins, the company’s engineers were able to develop guides with a similar biocompatibility to those made from their own FHD 1500 resin. The company’s Cast resins also made it possible to produce purple crowns and bridges, effectively illustrating the potential applications unlocked by the machine’s philosophy with open material.

Customers can pre-order the Hunter S now, with delivery scheduled for December 2022.

Technical Specifications:
  • technology: Digital Light Processing (DLP)
  • build volume: 144 x 81 x 150 mm
  • X / Y pixel size: 75 μm
  • light source: 405nm LED
  • printing speed: 10-30mm / h
  • screen: 3.5 inch IPS color touch screen
  • printer dimensions: 360 x 310 x 565 mm
  • net weight: 17.8 kg
  • connectivity: USB stick / USB cable / Wi-Fi.

Source: www.flashforge-usa.com
Photo: www.flashforge-usa.com (press materials / all rights reserved)

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