Flexible materials for 3D printing are characterized by relatively high difficulty in production on FDM / FFF 3D printers. For novice users, working with this type of filament is a challenge that costs hours of trying to achieve a satisfactory result. At the same time, people who have managed to master the art of 3D printing from this material are able to produce parts impossible to achieve using popular materials such as PLA, ABS or PETG.

Fiberlogy – a leading Polish manufacturer of 3D printing materials, has announced the premiere of a new flexible filament – MattFlex 40D. It has a matte finish that perfectly hides the joining of individual layers on a 3D print and minimally reflects the light, which makes models made of it look much better than in the case of typical rubber-like materials with a glossy finish. In addition, the manufacturer emphasizes that its filaments from the Fiberlogy Flex line are perfectly printed on 3D printers with bowden extruders, including the popular amateur class devices – Creality Ender.

Fiberlogy recommends that when preparing a 3D print, reduce the pressure in the extruder and reduce retraction. As for the speed of 3D printing, the manufacturer allows a speed of 45 mm / sec. with a Bowden extruder and even 60 mm / sec. for direct extruders. For comparison, typical flexible filaments are printed at speeds of 20-30 mm / sec.

MattFlex 40D will go on sale in early October. It will be available through the network of Fiberlogy brand distributors. By the end of November, the suggested retail price for 0.85 kg of filament will be PLN 149.

Suggested parameters for Fiberlogy MattFlex 40D:

  • printing temperature: 210-230°C
  • bed temperature: 50-70°C
  • closed chamber: not required
  • cooling: 50-75%
  • flowrate: 105-110%
  • printing speed: <60 mm / s
  • printing bed: glass, masking tape
  • retraction: yes, 1-2mm
  • retraction speed: 10-30 mm / s
  • for easier removal of the printout, you can heat the table to 110°C.

Source: www.centrumdruku3d.pl

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