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EOS implements Materialise CO-AM – a platform for end-to-end additive manufacturing management

EOS – a German manufacturer of industrial 3D printers for polyamide powders and metals, has implemented the Materialise CO-AM platform dedicated to the management of additive manufacturing processes in the field of application engineering and production of internal sinters. CO-AM will be integrated with the existing EOS infrastructure and will have the effect of improving production efficiency at the company’s global facilities.

EOS has manufacturing facilities in Germany, the United States and various locations in the Asia-Pacific region. The company’s products are used for internal needs as well as support application engineering services. EOS has implemented CO-AM to manage these processes and increase part traceability and overall efficiency. The Materialise CO-AM software platform provides access to a full range of software tools to plan, manage and optimize every step of the 3D printing process.

EOS integrated CO-AM with the existing infrastructure – data and customer relationship management software, and connected it to the machines themselves. CO-AM will support EOS’ internal workflow from order management through production planning, 3D printing process monitoring and finishing.

The schedule created in CO-AM shows both the planned and actual activities of the 3D printer to support the improvement of its utilization rate. Within the AMWatch software platform, machine operators can monitor part-making status and sensor data processing to reduce scrap and improve quality control. EOS will also have access to data on the CO-AM platform, collected via an iOS app on the shop floor. This digital feedback from the shop floor will help them monitor unpacking, depulverizing and finishing activities in real time.

Source: www.eos.info
Photos: www.eos.info (press materials / all rights reserved)

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