Desktop Metal introduces two upgrade packages to the Shop System – industrial 3D printers for metal working in the Binder Jetting technology. The machines are expected to offer new flexibility, functionality, and new material and control options.

The Shop System was first introduced in November 2019 as a relatively inexpensive and ready-to-start solution that allows you to obtain parts from metal, producing them up to 10 times faster than with laser sintering of powdered metal alloys.

So far, Shop System users around the world have worked over 20,000 hours – now Desktop Metal is expanding the offer of this platform with Shop System + and Shop System Pro – giving advanced users greater flexibility and control over operating costs and machine settings parameters. Shop System + gives users access to Desktop Metal powders and binders at a discounted retail price, reducing the running costs of their additive manufacturing operations and improving parts manufacturing costs for a faster return on investment.

Shop System Pro is suitable for high production users with powder metallurgy expertise who want to not only optimize operating costs, but also enable specific applications or cost structures by using their own proprietary or third-party powders. The package includes all the benefits of the Shop System + package as well as additional process flexibility with new features such as custom 3D printing and binder spreading parameters and 3D printing bidirectional for the Shop System Printer and custom sintering profiles for the Desktop Metal Furnance.

The Shop System includes a 3D printer with 1600 dpi native resolution and 5x nozzle redundancy, a drying oven for curing raw parts before powdering, a powder station for powdering parts with built-in powder recycling, an oven for readily available industrial strength sintering, integrated accessories for powder handling and Workflow, binders and powders developed by Desktop Metal and Desktop Metal software for construction preparation and sintering simulation.

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