Michał Kiciński, co-founder of CD Projekt, co-creator of the game “Witcher”, and privately the brother of Adam Kiciński – the current president of the company, became an investor in the company Polbionica, working on the development of the so-called bionic pancreas – a medical application printed from cells on 3D bio-printers. The founder and president of the company is professor Michał Wszoła – a leading transplantologist in the field of pancreatic transplants and a pioneer of scientific and research works in the use of 3D bio-printing technology in Poland.

Polbionica is a company established in 2019 on the foundations of the Warsaw Foundation for Research and Science Development led by Michał Wszoła, which for several years has been implementing the project of bioprinting the scaffolding (scaffold) of the bionic pancreas in 3D bio-printing technology. The assumption of the project is to create a “tailor-made” pancreas from the patient’s stem cells, which will eliminate the risk of its rejection. The innovation of the bionic pancreas is based on the use of a unique composition of the bio-ink containing living cells and pancreatic islands. The shareholder of Polbionica is also the Medispace Medical Center.

The activity of Polbionica is developing in three areas: scientific and research work on the implementation of bionic pancreas for clinical trials with patients, commercialization of other 3D biodegradation technologies on which the company is working, including the production and sale of its own biotush, and the development of regenerative medicine and pharmacology. The company is in talks with several pharmaceutical companies to test drugs on biodegradable tissue models and plans to start commercial cooperation within the next year.

At the same time, Professor Wszoła declares that by 2023 it will be possible to introduce a 3D bionic pancreas for common use in humans.

Source: www.centrumdruku3d.pl

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