PRUSA Research – one of the world’s largest manufacturers of amateur FDM / FFF 3D printers, has also been developing in the photopolymer devices sector for several years. In 2018, the Czech manufacturer presented the Prusa SL1 3D printer, which has been an integral part of its offer since then. Now the companies have announced the launch of their own light-curing resin, which has been entirely developed by the Prussian R&D department and is produced by it in the Czech Republic.

PRUSA Research advertises its resin, Prusament Resin, as a high-quality material that is easy to 3D print, has a low odor and minimizes health hazards. By conducting his own research, Prusa was able to control the selection of each ingredient to create a resin with the desired properties with an emphasis on health aspects. The manufacturer emphasizes that the resins were developed independently, without cooperation with other entities, which gives an advantage in controlling the chemical composition and achieving the desired results.

  • Reliability of 3D printing
  • Short exposure time (1.6-2.4 s on SL1S SPEED)
  • Great reproduction of print details
  • Good resistance to deformation
  • Limited odor
  • Low impact on health
  • It does not contain harmful Bisphenol A.
  • Non-recyclable material
  • Uncured resin can still be a health hazard
  • Lower temperature resistance (50 ° C).

The presented resin is just the beginning – in the future, new special materials will appear: elastic, prosthetic and medical resins.

So far, Prusament Tough resin can be purchased in three colors: Prusa Orange, Rich Black and Anthracite (gray) – each of them for PLN 321.91 gross per 1 kg.


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