Experts in the field of epidemiology warn that the best way to prevent contact with coronavirus is to avoid large clusters and limit tactile contact with elements such as handrails, handles and door handles. Surfaces touched by hundreds of people every day have high potential for virus transfer, which can survive on them even tens of hours.

The solution to this situation can be elements that allow the use of objects that are inherent in the mundane activities of everyday life, without having to use your hand.

One of them is a secure handle attached to the door handle, which allows you to open the door with your elbow or forearm. The ability to operate the door handle without having to use your hand reduces the likelihood of virus spreading from both your hands to the surface and vice versa.

Due to the large number of inquiries we’ve received over the past few weeks, we’ve decided to develop our own handle model and provide 3D printing services. 3D printing is carried out according to the author’s design, in which the handle is equipped with a movable hinge, so that the model can be created in one part. What’s more, the design is modified according to individual customer needs and adapted to the shape and size of the handle.

Safe door handle handles are not the only products implemented by CD3D – since April 2020 the company has been an authorized producer of NANOHACK 2.0 protective masks made of anti-bacterial material with Copper3D copper nanoparticles.

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