Farsoon Technologies, a Chinese manufacturer of industrial systems for 3D printing from metals and polyamide powders, announced that it sold 40 machines in November 2021, generating revenues of over $ 15 million. As part of this amount, the manufacturer also offered materials and service contracts to its customers. At the same time, Farsoon announced that in August, this year, the total number of installations of his systems worldwide was 500 3D printers.

Farsoon is a global manufacturer and supplier of industrial laser sintering systems for powdered polymers and metals, and one of the largest manufacturers of this type of machinery in China. In 2017, he launched his official branch in the USA – Farsoon Technologies-Americas located in Austin, Texas. A year later, a European branch was established – Farsoon Europe GmbH in Stuttgart, Germany.

This is how Don Xu, director of Farsoon’s Global Business Group comments:

The $ 15 million monthly sales order reflects increased growth across our entire product portfolio, with a significant proportion of powder metal contracts in excess of 60%. With several major projects in the aerospace, transportation, medical, mold & tool, and service bureaus sectors, covering multiple machine purchases. We are also pleased with the development of metal machinery in Europe and North America, in addition to our well-established plastic systems assembly base. Thanks to a large backlog of orders for machines, we are confident in our positive outlook for 2022.

Source: www.farsoon.com

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