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BWT Alpine F1 streamlines workflow with four Photopolymer 3D Systems 3D printers

BWT Alpine F1 Team purchased four systems for photopolymer 3D printing from 3D Systems – SLA 750. The purchase and installation took place after the team carried out a number of tests of the produced applications in the beta phase. The industrial 3D printer – SLA 750 was first presented at last year’s AMUG conference and has a large working area, high speed of 3D printing as well as accuracy and resolution.

BWT Alpine uses the SLA 750 3D printer and 3D Systems’ Accura Composite PIV material to build models for wind tunnel testing. By printing complex aerodynamic parts with pressure threads, small composite tools and high-temperature bonding jigs, the team says they have benefited from significant productivity gains made possible by reduced production times. Parts printed on the SLA 750 are also expected to deliver unparalleled sidewall and surface quality, as well as excellent detail and high geometric accuracy.

After establishing a long-term technical partnership with 3D Systems, BWT Alpine implemented its SLA and SLS technologies to support additive manufacturing of up to approximately 25,000 parts per year.

“We are impressed by the precision engineering that went into the development of the SLA 750 from 3D Systems,” commented Ben Mallock, Deputy Head of Aerodynamics at the BWT Alpine F1 Team. “BWT Alpine F1 Team has a long-standing technical partnership with 3D Systems and we are delighted to have early access to this product while it was still in beta. We put the SLA 750 through testing and achieved the best part quality we’ve seen on the market so far, with greatly increased productivity. As a result, we purchased additional SLA 750 systems to bring our total to four. We are excited about the positive impact this has on our wind tunnel testing and bringing our innovations to the track faster.”

Source: www.3dsystems.com
Photo: www.3dsystems.com (press materials / all rights reserved)

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