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BLT launches a 3D metal printer equipped with as many as 20 lasers!

Bright Laser Technologies (BLT) has launched a twenty-laser [SIC!] version of its large-format metal 3D printer – the BLT-S800. The new machine, with a working area of 800 x 800 x 600 mm, allows for super fast and efficient additive production, significantly shortening the delivery times of manufactured parts.

The BLT-S800 uses powder laser beam fusion (PBF-LB) technology. It is compatible with metal alloys such as titanium, aluminum and other high-temperature materials, as well as stainless steel, high-strength steel and tool steel. The 3D printer will be used in sectors such as aviation, engine production, medicine, automotive, electronics and science.

The 3D printer offers a powder circulation system that BLT says allows metal powders to be safely transferred, recovered, screened and recycled on-site. This system simplifies and secures the movement of large quantities of additively manufactured powders from containers to multiple machines, effectively eliminating the risk of spillage, contamination, explosion or contact with personnel.

When combined with BLT-BP software, the new 3D printer also enables streamlined additive manufacturing of large-sized parts. The software also uses a dynamic powder stacking strategy to adjust deposition speed based on the contour of the part, allowing automatic speed adjustments at multiple stages. BLT claims this approach guarantees both quality and performance, and compared to conventional methods, typical parts show a 30% improvement in single-layer performance.

Source: www.xa-blt.com

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