BigRep, a German manufacturer of large-format FDM / FFF 3D printers, has launched a new workflow management system – BigRep FLOW. The system works as Software as a Service (SaaS), which enables each user to create custom, 3D printable industrial equipment. The system automates the entire engineering process with an easy-to-use tool-making application – no experience in 3D printing or 3D design is required.

Thanks to BigRep FLOW, all design configurations are optimized for the speed and success of the 3D printing process and the reduction of material costs. The system also includes a collection of sample applications for building a range of factory tools. Among the available projects are, among others transporters and organizers, custom trays, boxes, storage dividers and templates. Among the tools and factory aids you can find soft jaws, assembly jigs and product twisting machines.

BigRep FLOW is available on a variety of platforms, including mobile devices. Users log into their account on the system and access an application library which includes their custom applications as well as free sample applications. After opening the appropriate application (for example, the gear configurator), the user uploads a 3D file of his existing part, for which BigRep FLOW then generates a custom fixture. The user configures the parameters of 3D printing in a few seconds. Users can then order the tool to be printed or start producing it on their own BigRep 3D printer.

With BigRep FLOW, you can create production tools optimized for 3D printing in minutes. The intuitive cloud-based interface makes it easy to set up custom tools and design changes are calculated in real time with instant visualization. And all the time, it does not require experience in 3D printing or CAD software skills.


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