Forward AM – a branch of the BASF chemical concern, specializing in the production of 3D printing materials in FDM / FFF, SLS and SLA / UV LCD technologies, has announced the launch of a new line of flexible filaments. Materials named Ultrafuse TPU64D, TPU 95A and TPS 90A are to enable easy, fast and cost-effective production of parts printed on FDM / FFF 3D printers.

Ultrafuse filaments have been specially developed to work with all models of 3D printers – from open source amateur devices to industrial-class machines. The Ultrafus offer includes filaments from engineering materials, through reinforced and support materials, to advanced composite materials based on metal powders.

Due to their relatively flexible but very tactile tactile properties, high mechanical strength and excellent abrasion resistance, the new filaments are ideally suited for a wide range of industrial applications requiring exceptional flexibility and impact resistance. All three materials have been developed with the most demanding industrial applications in mind, with each material providing its own specific properties and benefits.

Ultrafuse TPU 64D is the hardest elastomer in this range of materials. It offers high stiffness while maintaining excellent flexibility and is ideal for industrial applications that require parts with high impact resistance.

Ultrafuse TPU 95A is based on polyurethane. Its exceptional abrasion resistance means that it can be used wherever printed applications will be subjected to high intensity on wear. Ultrafuse TPS 90A, on the other hand, is distinguished by a surface with unusual softness to the touch, which gives the printed parts a non-slip character – quite unique in 3D printing from filaments. Due to the low moisture absorption and durable layer adhesion, this filament is ideal, for example, for the production of handles.

Source: press release

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